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With Skyward Sword finally beaten, I'm curious to see what everyone else thought of it. (I'm actually not sure how much of my old Zelda buddies still frequent DA to discuss...) If you don't want to get spoilers, I recommend not reading the rest of this journal.

Personally, I really enjoyed the story line and main characters. I noticed people complaining about how chatty the intro was, but I'm all for it. I also really liked the villains in the game. I always felt that either "evil" dialogue (or deeds, I guess) are a must, and I think that Ganon from TP was rather apathetic (especially towards Link...he never even acknowledged his presence). I like the idea of the hero being a pain in the butts of bad guys everywhere and getting credit for it =B. Ghirahim's angry rants and Demise's musings were quite well done.

As far as down sides, my only major complaint is that there weren't that many towns/inhabitants in the world. I guess I've been spoiled by the previous games and this isn't necessary a bad change, but I always enjoyed meeting a bunch of new npcs before each dungeon and then walking through a mildly dangerous area to get to it. Skyward Sword makes you go through a really intense area before you even make it to the dungeon, which is more of a throw back to the older games, I guess. The kikwi elder was really cute but the npcs on the surface really don't have much of a back story or interaction. I also wish the areas were connected more. Oh, I guess the controls were a little off. The wiimote kept de-syncing....

I'm interested in hearing other opinions. =]


sees cats in the shadows
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